I miss working!

Just had so much fun redesigning a friend’s CV. He wants to move after 16 years in his current job and, while his experience is amazing, his ability to design an easy to read CV is shocking. Poor bloke. We went to his house for lunch and he asked for our input. Mr G was very gentle. I took a pen and ripped it to shreds. He wanted constructive criticism so I gave it. He seemed appreciative. The problem that I have is that I love proof reading, grammar is an obsession although I know that I am not perfect at it, and designing documents so they are easy to read is something that I find so much fun. It’s one of the reasons I loved the PR element of my degree so much. I love to write, to sell and to edit. When I worked in the City, I helped to produce Equity Research reports. I loved it. I loved the proof reading, the editing, the layouts, even the graphs and presentations. Some of the people were are a bit odd, though. Swings and roundabouts. Then when I ran my business, I drove my business partner crazy with how much I would get into the detail of things. Quite handy when it’s someone’s ‘once in a lifetime’. Unfortunately, it extended to the office. I wouldn’t let her put labels on our files because they all had to match, at the same level, equal on all sides and absolutely spirit level straight. It drove her nuts. She wasn’t that surprised when I was diagnosed with OCD after Moo was born. It turns out that I am an obsessive thinker and you don’t need to be compulsive to have OCD. It was somewhat ironic, though. She’s compulsive and I teased her mercilessly about it. Karma, people. It exists and it will bite you. Be nice. It sort of makes sense of why we were such a great team and enjoyed working together so much. Although, it really is annoying when you are walking down the street with someone having a full blown conversation, only to turn to look at her and realise that she isn’t there. She’s halfway down the street behind you, checking her handbag. I had to build in faffing time for when we left the office. She got help and is a lot better. I should have learnt from her and done the same thing before I had Moo. I’m a lot more compassionate about the whole thing now, of course. Nothing like a bit of a breakdown and depression medication to make you realise that we are all not perfect, that each person deals with their stuff in different ways and we should not judge. Her way is a lot healthier than mine, let’s put it that way. At least she can sleep like the dead at night.