2016 will be the year I get myself together, people!

Happy New Year, one and all! Made any resolutions yet? Last year, or was it the year before, I made one resolution to be more mindful. Cue anxious and depressive episode in the summer and my GP sends me on a mindfulness course which changed my life. Resolution accomplished. Just have to keep it up.

So 2016, what resolution have I decided to make this year? I’m not going for the lose weight, get healthy variety. I learned a very long time ago that that is just a waste of time and makes me feel bad when I don’t achieve it. After reading a very, very good blog post on Quartz, I’ve decided to focus on the journey, not the destination. Of course, I’d love to be fit and healthy, but I’m hoping that that will be a happy by product.

So what is my resolution, I hear you ask? Well, it’s to learn to lean into my 4ness, to be more comfortable in it, which means I am going to introduce more structure and more discipline into my life and Moo’s. We will both benefit. After all, she is a type 4 too. I’m determined to help her with her writing and her reading, both of which she is capable of when encouraged.

I bought the biggest, most structured diary too. It’s from Action Day and I got mine from Amazon. There was a smaller option but, in my enthusiasm, I went large. It might be too large to use in my handbag so watch this space to see if I downsize. The layout is phenomenal and it is loaded with advice on how to get more done and succeed. I love it.

Structure and discipline will help me in my new endeavour too. I may have mentioned this before but I’ve finally launched a business selling Forever aloe products. After eight years of being a full time carer, I have found something that I hope can be shaped around my daughter’s needs. I signed up in May, was going to launch in September until depression got in the way and then launched in November just before X Factor took over my life. I have dillied and dallied, dillied and dallied, made excuses, all because, really, I was scared of not succeeding, of not being able to do it again. I launched a business 13 years ago but had one of my best friends at my side. It was hard but we were good at it and succeeded. I wasn’t going out there on my own. This time, I do have an incredibly supportive group of people to lean on but it still involves me getting out there and my confidence is a bit shot. It’s uncomfortable.

And this is where that article comes in. When I ask myself, what would I suffer pain for, I already know the answer. I would suffer pain for my little family. I would love to take the pressure of Mr G as the sole breadwinner. I would love to guarantee a secure financial future for my daughter. I want to be a good role model for her. I’d also love two new bathrooms and a holiday cottage in Portscatho, but let’s start on the truly important first. When I did some training a couple of months ago, they talked about people with hot spots, things that would seriously drive them forward, come what may. Well, I have two very real hot spots, Mr G and Moo.

So I will be going out there this year, I will be (probably) annoying my friends by telling them how wonderful my products are (because they really are, I use half the range already and love, love, love them), I will be talking to complete strangers when I see them struggling if I think I can help their health, I will be introducing people to network marketing to see if I can help them achieve their dreams and I will be a Manager by the end of 2016. I’ll probably meet some lovely people in the process, too.

Another resolution is to put the damn phone down! Yes, I need it to work. Yes, I love Facebook and keeping in touch with people. However, you know it’s time to address the addiction when you find yourself wondering what’s going on in the world and you check bloody Facebook for news. I need to be more present in my life. My real one, not the virtual one. My daughter and my husband deserve that. I also need to slow the hell down when I am not working. I need to pay attention more, improve my mindfulness. I know all the theory now, just have to practice it. I know that Moo has grown up so much in the last year and it’s only going to go faster. (Her teeth, bizarrely, are a reminder of that. Every morning she wakes up and her smile has changed. It’s gone a bit goofy as a big secondary tooth coming through has pushed apart her top two front teeth and left a huge gap. Then one of them is moving forward and loosening before it falls out. She, currently, strongly resembles Goofy.) I need to spend time appreciating who she is now before she develops into a pre-teen, then a teen, then a young adult. It’s all going so fast.

So, quite frankly, I have decided that 2016 is the year I get my shit together. The year that I enjoy the struggles, the challenges, the hurdles, the discipline and the structure because I have my eye on the prize: a more financially secure life for my little family of three and to support my Moo to be the best Moo that she can be.