Smoking killed Spock!

Why is tobacco and the consumption of it legal? Of course, I know why. It’s legal because it came onto the market at a time when the medical community and governments didn’t realise how lethal it was and, as we all know, the tobacco industry generate ridiculous amounts of government revenues in taxes.

Imagine if tobacco was a new thing. Can you imagine a company selling a product that has no health benefits whatsoever, is highly addictive, kills two thirds of its users, pollutes the atmosphere and costs the government billions of pounds in healthcare costs, not just for smokers but also those poor passive smokers who are affected? Can you imagine that being allowed?

I am an ex smoker. I understand why people find it so hard to give up. And if you have a stressful lifestyle, smoking is a soothing crutch. It also clogs up your lungs, makes you and those around you smell like an ashtray, costs you hundreds of pounds a year and, every time you take a drag, you are basically choosing to increase the chances of you dying, because, let’s face it, you are more likely to. Smoking cigarettes kills two thirds of those who do it. 66% of people who smoke will die as a result of it.

If you deeply love someone who smokes as I do, this number will terrify you. Smokers are addicted. Addiction is a disease and a bastard of thing to conquer. However, it can be conquered. It just takes a hell of a lot of effort, agonisingly strong will power and the ability to resist the horrific withdrawal. No easy feat. You have to want to do it more than you want the cigarette. You have to be in the right headspace. I sit and wait for my loved one to get there. I live in hope that they will.

Cigarettes are little nuclear bombs all over the place, threatening to detonate and destroy. I live in perpetual fear of ours detonating. I can not imagine life without my loved one. It would be utterly devastating.

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